Jake Grinsted

Hi, I'm Jake. With over 20 years of nonprofit experience, I'm excited to be merging what I know about community service and technology to help make the world a happier place.


About me

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While a student of King’s College London, I discovered a summer job like no other: I became a counselor at an incredible nonprofit summer camp in upstate New York. My passion soon became a mission, and a few years later I moved to work full-time for the charity that had changed my life.

Early on in my eleven year career at The Fresh Air Fund, I discovered a need for better management software. After deciding against the limited choices of off-the-shelf solutions, Fresh Air Live was born, a web-based database system that would grow to be accessed by hundreds of users every year and manage the records of almost a million people.

From apps to digital graphics to websites, I became increasingly involved with the intersection of community service and technology. My inner geek began reaching out to other nonprofits in my spare time, and before long I had begun consulting across the industry through Solve IT Simply – a company I could call my own.

The success of this consulting and The Fresh Air Fund's in-house database solution brought about a desire to broaden my impact, and – with the support of industry leaders and friends – I began a new chapter of my career, leaving to create a nonprofit tech startup: Simply360.

Throughout, my mission has remained the same: to empower people with the tools they need to make the world a happier place.

My work


In addition to Solve IT Simply and Simply360, my freelance work lets me focus on helping other entrepreneurs and creators realize their passion. I craft simple, beautiful, and affordable Squarespace websites for startups and freelancers, and I provide tech consulting for those needing advice on how technology can make their ideas work.

As a small business owner himself, Jake is able to listen to my ideas and provide structure – using technology to bring them to life.There’s no-one I’d trust more with my websites and data platforms.
— Trevor Bell, Entrepeneur

Whether you need help taking your tech setup to the next level or you have no idea where to start, my goal is to make sure you’re using the right technology for the job.


Creators Social


Starting out on my own in New York City has been exciting – but also challenging. Not having a regular office and coworkers can be tough sometimes, and meeting new people for collaborations and new ideas didn't happen as often as I'd have liked.

So I got together with Trevor Bell and started The Creators Social. Our goal was to create a relaxed, welcoming space for creators and entrepreneurs to network, and we're already blown away by the number of people who've shown interest.


Join us for one of our meetups by signing up at www.thecreators.social.


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